Signs You Might Need Some Home Improvement by Kenney Bros Construction, Your Go-To Contractors in Boulder, CO.

February 4, 2020

Your home is your castle. It’s where you do your entertaining, enjoy family time and make most of your lifetime memories. How is your castle holding up? You may get the feeling something’s off, but you aren’t quite sure what it means. We’ve compiled a list of sure signs you might be ready for some home improvement.

Your Floors Are Telling You Something

If you look or listen closely enough, your floors could be telling you they’re in need of a refresh. The first place your floors will need attention is in the kitchen and the bathroom. Not only are these the rooms most important to homeowners and prospective buyers alike, but they’re also constantly exposed to moisture.

A big warning is If you’ve got tiles that are starting to separate from each other and the grout. The moisture eats away at the grout and when that barrier is compromised, the glue underneath dries up. It will only continue to get worse. Working with a skilled contractor will ensure the floors you install are durable but have the timeless style you’re looking for.

You’re Cramped or Have Too Much Space

We’re not suggesting you need to up or downsize. Most spatial issues are because rooms aren’t maximizing the area. Some common signs you could use improvement in the way space is used:

• Closets are unusable because they’re stuffed.

• Kitchen islands are too close to appliances leaving large, empty areas.

• Things are stored in boxes instead of accessible areas.

• Toiletries are cluttering your counters.

• Your cabinet space feels dwindled.

These kinds of improvements don’t require gutting your house. When you work with an experienced and honest contractor, they’ll do just enough work to produce the results you need.

The 70s Called and They Want Their Bathrooms Back

Each decade seems to have its own, distinct attribute. Take a look and see if you can spot your bathroom:

• 1960s: Pink, mint green and baby blue fixtures, floors, and walls

• 1970s: Pea green, dull yellow fixtures with laminate counters and vinyl floors

• 1980s: Geometric tubs, mauves, peaches, and teals covering floors and walls

• 1990s: Huge mirrors with Hollywood lighting, raw wood colored cabinetry

• 2000s: Glass-enclosed showers, brass fixtures, Spanish tile

What decade is your bathroom living in? A sure sign its best years are behind it is if you find yourself cleaning, but things still seem dingey or you feel a little embarrassed each time company comes over. If you’re going to sell, you’ll notice, after the kitchen, buyers run to the bathroom. Update these rooms to timeless, spa-like designs, and you’ll increase your satisfaction and the value of your home.

You’ve Outgrown Your Kitchen

Many people think by buying the most expensive appliances, they’ve improved their kitchen when really, they’ve simply improved their appliances. Kitchens should have a flow that makes sense and maximizes available space.

Cabinets make or break a kitchen’s appearance and function. You may be missing out on a lot of storage space and not even know it. If your cabinets look dingy and outdated, it’s time for a refresh. Call a reputable contractor and see what they think.

Your Roof Leaks

Your roof keeps your home efficient and safe from the elements. When water starts coming in, the integrity of your entire house is in danger. Water can mean mold, and mold can mean big trouble. Your roof is a good indicator of your home’s health. If tiles are loose or flashings are dislocated, you could have structural damage in your near future.

Replace your roof and spare yourself a bigger headache down the road.

Home, Sweet Home
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