Dispelling the Myths Around Property Constructions in Boulder, CO

April 1, 2020

The construction industry consists of many components, from its workforce to its practices and procedures. As the sector is governed by various regulations, it is no wonder that it has become fraught with misconceptions. This is why the team here at Kenney Bros Construction LLC decided to reveal the truths surrounding professional building services in the construction industry. 

Our goal is to help you make informed and effective decisions by debunking the myths and representing the facts. We break down just what you need to know about property construction and renovations in Boulder, Colorado.

Construction Industry Myths Vs. Facts 

MYTH 1: Builders Do Not Require Client Input 

It is a myth that property owners cannot discuss their ideas and preferences with their elected building company. At Kenney Bros Construction LLC, we incorporate a collaborative approach and value the input of our clients. We clarify concerns and adjust the architectural design according to our clients' needs. Your input is a necessary part of a successful construction project. 

MYTH 2: Most Building Projects Run Over Schedule

It is a myth that your build will run over schedule and lead to higher costs than your original quotation described. Reputable contractors will always adhere to strict schedules and manage the expenses as determined in a signed estimate. Changes outside the scope of the original design must be discussed with builders, and will be subject to additional costs and schedule adjustments.

MYTH 3: Do Not Expect Job Sites to be Cleaned by Builders 

Another myth in the construction industry is that a job site is not cleaned during and after the building project. Kenney Bros Construction LLC takes pride in prioritizing safety, site management and cleanliness throughout residential and commercial constructions. As reputable contractors, we keep building sites clear to avoid disruptions, and complete projects on time.

MYTH 4: Construction Workers are Just Good at Menial Tasks

Construction workers are skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen. The building labor force is required to study regulatory practices, enroll in classes, and complete an apprenticeship. They must receive technical training with higher-level positions requiring a degree. 

MYTH 5: All Construction Work is Dangerous  

It is a fact that construction work is dangerous. However, when handled by an expert team, the danger is reduced. All safety standards are met and the correct gear is worn to mitigate risks. 

About Kenney Bros Construction LLC

Kenney Bros Construction Co. Inc. was founded in 1969. We are a leading home improvement and building company providing specialized residential and commercial constructions. Backed by an incredible team, we deliver the skills and the expertise to rejuvenate, refresh and modify properties.

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