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Introduction to Kenney Bros Construction Inc.
March 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Kenney Bros Construction Inc

Are you looking for a construction company that serves areas around Boulder, Colorado? If so, Kenney Bros Construction Inc. fits the bill. 

We got our start when we were established in 1969 — giving us decades of experience in the construction industry. We’re a well-respected general contracting firm that is a Class B licensed general contractor. Not only do we specialize in commercial construction, but residential construction as well. We can help you with any construction project up to three stories. 


Services we offer

When you need something built, and built right, you want to work with a company that knows what they’re doing in all areas. We offer tons of services that can help you build the project of your dreams. 

Light industrial and commercial construction

We specialize in helping you build your industrial and commercial construction projects from the ground up. We’ve got decades of experience — so you can trust us with any job. 

Tenant finish build out 

We can help you build and move walls and partitions, install and move light fixtures, and so much more. Contact us to learn more about our tenant finish build out services. 

Single-family homes

Are you just starting a family? Do you want to build the home of your dreams from the ground up? With Kenney Bros Construction, we can make your dreams a reality. We specialize in building single-family homes based on your dream layout. 

Residential remodels/additions

Does your home need some remodeling work? Do you need another bedroom for a baby on the way? If so, we can help you remodel outdated kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as build additions for your current home. We love to help you update and expand. 

Egress windows and window wells

If you are trying to get more use out of your basement spaces by adding an extra bedroom or living space, use our window-well services to ensure optimal safety and code compliance.

Decks and pergolas

Want some extra room to hang out with your family and friends? Adding a deck or pergola to your home can be a great option, and with Kenney Bros., your wish is our command. 

Decorative concrete

If you want to spice up an every-day concrete pour, contact us for our decorative concrete options. 

Custom woodworking

Woodworking is one of the most beautiful features of a home. If you want to wow your visitors and live in luxury, contact us about our custom woodworking options.

Kitchens and bathrooms

Two of the most important rooms in the house — your kitchen and bathroom! We provide remodels and builds for master and half baths as well as custom kitchens. You’ll want to cook every meal with our customizable cabinetry and countertops, and stay in your new jacuzzi for hours! 

Specialty projects

Got something on your mind? We also work on specialty projects! We can’t wait to hear what you’re dreaming up!

Contact Kenney Bros Construction Inc. for your next home improvement project

We can’t wait to help remodel, update, build, and customize your home. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are living in the lap of luxury when it comes to their dream home, and we can’t wait to make it happen for you. 

Feel free to contact us today at, or give us a call at 303-434-4037! We can’t wait to hear from you!