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Does My Family Home Need a Second Bathroom or Should I Remodel?
August 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Kenney Bros Construction Inc

This question always comes up in single bathroom homes in Boulder: Should we add a bathroom or simply remodel? 

Regardless of whether the home has one resident or an entire family, at some point, the homeowner will wonder whether or not an added bathroom is necessary.

Many will choose to add a bathroom while others will have a contractor do a bathroom remodel in Boulder, a city where residents expect the comfort and convenience of a modern bathroom.

Remodeling may make more sense when the home owner has limited resources and also fewer people in the home. We usually suggest a remodel to our Boulder clients when budget is a major issue.

Adding a bathroom costs much more than a bathroom remodel. Deciding on whether or not to add one requires some analysis and thought to ensure you're getting the most value out of your investment. 

Reasons to Hold Off on Adding a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to an existing home requires a significant investment of not only money but also time. Contractors can take months to get to the project and weeks to complete it, often leaving the household in a less than functional condition. 

Cost of Adding a Bathroom Is Quite Steep

Adding a bathroom will cost a significant amount of money. Most experts estimate, depending on the type of bathroom and what part of the country you live in, that the cost will be at least $25,000. While an additional bathroom certainly adds convenience and value to the home, you should ask if the value added is worth the money and time invested. 

Would It Make More Sense to Remodel the Existing Space?

Although remodeling an existing bathroom will not expand its ability to serve more people, it can help in adding value to a home. When looking at a new home, the condition of the bathroom and kitchen matter a lot in determining whether or not a buyer has any interest in a home. 

A remodeled existing bathroom offers a brand new feel at a lower cost than adding a new one. When you remodel the bathroom and design it for both style and function, you make a home sale more likely without breaking the bank.

When an Additional Bathroom Makes Sense

There are times when an additional bathroom does make sense. When a new family starts to have children, they should look down the road and ask if their house contains enough bathrooms. We always recommend to our clients who have kids or want kids to think more of the bathroom demand of teenagers instead of toddlers. You don't want the years to fly by and realize your teenagers are having trouble making one bathroom work when you are focused on saving for college, not adding a room to your property!

Adding a bathroom does add value. The National Association of Realtors reports that homeowners who invest in an additional bathroom before a sale can recoup 60 percent or more of the costs in the sale price of the house. 

When sale price alone does not recoup the entire cost of the investment, consider comparables in your area. If you, for example, want to sell your single-family home with one bathroom and comparables have two or more, you may find yourself crowded out of the market. To compete with properties offering more, you may have to drop your price well below your desired sale price. 

Remodel or Add?

The question boils down to what you need versus the resources that you have available. Do a cost-benefit analysis on each selection. What do you need? What do you want? How much will each option cost?

Your contractor can also help you make this vital decision. Ask for estimates that can help you to make an informed choice between adding a bathroom and remodeling an existing one. Get in touch today to learn more!