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5 Industry Trends in Home Improvement for 2019
June 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Kenney Bros Construction Inc
<strong>5 Industry Trends in Home Improvement for 2019</strong>

This year, home improvement experts should see a continuation of the trends that have been developing over recent years. Minimalism will continue to fade in favor of more personal expression in both construction and design. Sparse settings will give way to warmth and reflections of the personalities that live in the home.

We've seen other trends take shape as well. Below are five trends in home improvement that we have noticed in 2019.

Younger Homeowners More Likely to DIY

Millennials, like young homeowners before them, have to look hard at costs when deciding on home renovation. The pressures of starting a career, often times while under the shadow of student loan repayments, put a serious strain on budgets. Overall, those performing home improvements only consult a professional about 7 percent of the time.

Millennials serve as the new vanguard of the DIY movement due to their comfort with technology tools. Much more than older generations, they feel comfortable referring to YouTube “how to” videos to direct them in how to do home repairs or renovations. Of course, this can lead to home improvement disasters when the DIYer’s confidence exceeds his or her capabilities.

Open Floor Plans Still a Must-Have for Many

Open floor plans emerged a decade ago as almost a must-have in home design. Home floor plans of the past century saw the kitchen as a room to separate and hide away. In the 21st century, however, the kitchen serves as a center of family life or socializing with friends. Those doing the cooking don’t want to feel exiled to a back room, but rather, want to feel a part of whatever is going on in the rest of the house.

For those reasons, home improvement for older homes will continue to include a number of requests to knock out walls and create more cohesive and open spaces.

Brass Is Back

What was old is becoming new again. For most of this century, home interior designers had consigned brass fixtures to the 1970s and 80s, a relic of the days of Ford, Carter, and Reagan.

No longer.

Brass fixtures have surged in popularity as part of an overall trend that sees homeowners putting more color into their homes, including kitchens and bathrooms. Brass fixtures complement colors well.

Many homeowners looking for color but who want a more modern look than brass, have opted for black. This adds a sleek element to the design of any room.

Rental Market Still Rising

Young people have flocked to urban areas in tremendous numbers, which creates a strong market in many areas for moderate to high end rentals. About 40 percentof new rental housing comes at the high end, at $1,500 per month and higher. Experts predict that this increasing demand and use of rental properties will push the need for “portable” furnishings, such as personal shower heads and wine refrigerators.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Getting More Colorful and Elegant

White, spare, and minimalist are so a few years ago. Homeowners today want to move away from clean and bare spaces with muted color and whites in favor of yellows, blues, greens, and other colors that evoke either warmth or the natural world. The standard white shaker cabinet has now emerged as a palate of color instead of plainness. Bathrooms have started to see a number of owners looking for quartz as a dominant feature that brings a sense of elegance as well as color.

Home improvement companies will find ample opportunity with the new desire for color and personality in the kitchen, bathroom, and all over the house.