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5 Home Improvement Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2019
September 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Kenney Bros Construction Inc

As we move through the second half of the year, we at Kenny Bros. Construction see several home improvement trends continuing through the end of the year and beyond. As times change and people’s ideas about what they want in a home shift, homeowners will require different kinds of assistance from contractors than before.

At Kenney Bros Construction, we stay on top of home improvement trends and developments to serve our clients better.

Millennials Embrace DIY Home Improvement

Contrary to expectations, millennials have embraced the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement. Many carry higher levels of student and personal debt, yet have exacting standards for their homes.

Technology has helped to spur this development. More than any other adult generation, millennials have a high comfort level in learning new skills off of internet videos. YouTube has almost a quarter of a million videos to help viewers learn some aspect of home improvement or repair.

Those doing it themselves, however, should make a realistic assessment of each job and consider whether or not calling a professional would make better sense than risking spending more money and time than originally planned.

Health and Wellbeing Concerns Influence Home Improvement Decisions

A recent study showed that almost a third of homeowners believe that their homes adversely affect household health. This has resulted in many homeowners remodeling to meet those concerns.

One popular improvement to boost health and well being comes from the use of special LED lights that brighten and dim with the solar cycle, helping the body to power up and down naturally. The light also better resembles the natural light of the sun, rather than the typically harsh earlier versions of LED lighting.

Rental Property Demand Will Keep Rising

Debt has channeled many toward do-it-yourself home improvement. Others, however, will find it difficult or impossible to purchase the home that they want. Those who choose to live in cities with high costs of living will likely have to rent, at least at first.

This trend, plus several government incentives in various cities, has led to many properties being improved and then offered as rentals. This has boosted the stock of rented housing considerably, but has done little to prevent rent rates from rising.

The rise in the rental market has caused a correlative increase in the purchase of “portable” home improvements. These include deep-freeze freezers, wine refrigerators, high-end showerheads, and more.

Remodeling Will Continue to Trend Up

Housing trends will continue to favor remodels over moving. New home prices continue to rise beyond the reach of many. Combined with the unexpected millennial embrace of do-it-yourself home improvement, many have chosen to buy fixer-uppers rather than invest more into newer homes.

Also, homeowners are more likely to stay attached to their current homes and work to improve them, rather than find a new place.

Home Improvement Will Continue to Use More Smart Home Technology

Smart technology continues to gradually play a more significant role in our lives. That includes home improvements. Experts predict that, especially as more tech-comfortable people buy homes, that home remodels will increasingly incorporate smart technology and devices. This includes both the renovating process and the final product.

If you need a remodel, or even some professional assistance on your DIY project, call Kenney Bros. Construction today. Our professional and friendly staff can answer any questions or schedule you for a quote today.